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In May 2022, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern joined Leaders from 12 other Indo-Pacific countries (subsequently 13 with the following participation of Fiji) in announcing the start of talks toward launching negotiations on the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity (IPEF).

IPEF Pillar I Ministerial Statement

IPEF Pillar II Ministerial Statement

IPEF Pillar III Ministerial Statement

IPEF Pillar IV Ministerial Statement

The detail of what the IPEF may contain has yet to be fleshed out by partners, but Leaders have stated their ambition to negotiate commitments to cooperate on four pillars: Trade; Supply Chains; Clean Economy, and Fair Economy. 

The IPEF is not a Free Trade Agreement, and will not include market access for goods or services through traditional schedules, though we think that there would be commercial interest for New Zealand in the negotiation of trade rules with some of the region’s major economies, and by encouraging the implementation of existing commitments at a regional level.

As officials begin work to develop the IPEF, we want to hear your thoughts. Throughout the IPEF process, we will be posting questions here that we would like your views on.