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Key Considerations

What are the most important areas for New Zealanders when considering accession of other economies to CPTPP?

This consultation is your chance to have your say on what areas are most important for New Zealanders, should other economies wish to join the CPTPP, including:

  • What issues in New Zealand’s trade relationship with prospective new CPTPP members you would want to see prioritised in negotiations on accession to CPTPP.
  • Any specific barriers to trade and investment in prospective new CPTPP members you would want to see addressed in accession to the CPTPP. This could include:
    • specific industries or products for which you would want to see better goods trade access into new CPTPP member markets;
    • specific services sectors of importance to you in new CPTPP member markets;
    • impediments to services trade or investment that you would want to see addressed in new CPTPP member markets;
    • areas where the government procurement markets of new CPTPP members are of particular interest to you;
    • aspects of temporary entry for business persons in new CPTPP members that would be of particular interest to you. 
  • Any areas where New Zealand and prospective new CPTPP members could cooperate more closely to enhance trade and economic connections.

Status message

This consultation has now concluded. Thank you to all, who have submitted their views on the issue.