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Privacy statement

Individual statements or parts of statements may be published online or publicly released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Only your name or organisation's name and email address are required on a submission. Your contact details will not become publicly available if submissions are published.

If you wish to include information of a private or personal nature in your submission, you should take care and consider the privacy implications carefully before submitting such information as it will be read, collated and stored by MFAT. It may be publicly released or become subject to the Official Information Act 1982. 

It is your responsibility to make sure that your submission does not include any personal information that you do not want published or publicly released.

Site visits

When you visit this website some data about the visit will be recorded on the server logs. We use this information to produce web statistics to help us improve the content and navigation of the website. The information that gets collected is:

  • server addresses
  • top level domain names (for example .com, .govt, .nz, .uk etc)
  • the date and time of visit to the site, and
  • the pages accessed and documents downloaded.

We do not use this information to identify personal details about our site visitors.

Storage and use

Any information provided to the Ministry will be stored securely, and may be collected, and provided to relevant third parties, for information assurance purposes. 


Cookies are only used on this site to maintain session state, not to store user information. This is in accordance with section 19 of the New Zealand E-Government Web Standards.